Why Us

The exclusive hydrotherapy action created in all Tundra Spas ® is a mixture of warm air blended with a balanced warm water flow. This comes from the Clearwater Whisper Flow Technology and begins from a full frame pump designed to deliver high volumes of water while reducing the noise associated with other brands. An exclusive manifold plumbing design guarantees an even distribution of water to each therapy jet. Warm air is introduced to the water stream as air from the heated interior of the spa cabinet is pulled through an adjustable valve you can control yourself into the water flow at the hydrotherapy jet. The result? The most stimulating hydro massage you can imagine.


Through the years of innovations accomplished for the spa industries, Tundra Spas started using circulation pumps over 25 years ago to lower the energy consumption and have cleaner water. The latest generation circulation pump is a magnetic-driven pump without seals that uses 110 watts of power for low energy. The pump pulls 30 gallons of water per minute through the filter for cleaner water and very little chemicals. You do not need to be a chemical engineer to keep the spa clean so you enjoy the hot clean water more often.


Thats right, NO CHEMICALS AT ALL. With the 24-hr circulation that Clearwater Spas comes with for our customers in Alaska, we are able to add the Freshrain system so no chemicals are needed at all. 300 gallons spas can go up to a year without changing water and a spa over 300 gallons can go 2 years without changing water. All our customers do is rinse out the filter every 2 to 3 weeks. No chemicals means no chemical absorption into your skin. No chemicals destroying your jets, equipment and covers. No changing water in the winter. Tundra Spas can install this system on any brand of spa.

Contact us for more information at spadocbob@yahoo.com.